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It's his contention that the asylum is the only place in the world where free speech is practised.

He may be right.

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Name:Hannibal Lecter, medical student
Location:United States of America
RP journal for a young Hannibal Lecter

A few random facts:

He is very fast. He can cut your throat and not get blood on the knife.
Quantum physics textbooks are his idea of light reading.
His senses are acute. He has the eyes of a hawk and the ears of a wolf.
He has a photographic memory. When he was a student he returned all his textbooks after looking through them once.
He can draw anything. Usually perfectly. He can also play several musical instruments expertly.
His hobbies include literature, sketching, cooking, music, and art history.
He knows Lithuanian, French, Japanese, English and probably several other languages.
He has polydactyly in his left hand and red-brown eyes

Hannibal is physically 18 or 19, mentally 65-ish, and about 500 in bitterness and cynicism. Mun is over 18.
A DW roleplay journal. The good Doctor belongs to the esteemed Mr. Harris, not I. This is just for light-hearted playing around.

When playing in supernatural settings I generally assume that he's a wendigo or something of the sort, since it fits him so well.

He's probably not going to be perfectly canon the rest of the time, either, since SotL got an insane number of Academy Awards and playing to that standard would be really intimidating. There's a reason the mun is using the kid version, and even he can be unnerving sometimes.
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